Super Bass | Stereo Sound | Mic | Pause Play Keys | Volume Up Down | Earphones | Handsfree

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Product details of Super Bass | Stereo Sound | Mic | Pause Play Keys | Volume Up Down | Earphones | Handsfree

  • Length: About 100cm;
  • Design: Non rubber design.
  • Speaker: 6mu Bass Sound
  • Plug: 3.5mm standard plug
  • Mic with Pause/Play button & Volume keys work in IOS Devices.
  • Stereo Earphones for iPhone (White) Buy 1 Take 2
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Product Description: These Stereo Earphones for iPhone offer a high-quality audio experience with a non-rubber design, making them comfortable for extended use. The earphones feature a 6mu bass sound speaker that delivers powerful and dynamic bass response. With an impedance of 24 Ω, they are efficient in converting electrical signals into sound and require less power to drive.

Key Specifications:

  • Non-Rubber Design: The earphones are designed without rubber elements, providing a comfortable and ergonomic fit in the ears, making them suitable for prolonged use.
  • Speaker: The earphones are equipped with a 6mu bass sound speaker, delivering rich and immersive bass response, enhancing the audio experience for music and gaming.
  • Impedance: The earphones have an impedance of 24 Ω, ensuring they are compatible with a wide range of devices and capable of producing clear and accurate sound even at lower volume levels.
  • Frequency Response: The earphones offer a frequency response range of 19Hz to 21,000Hz, covering a broad spectrum of frequencies for balanced and detailed audio reproduction.
  • Length: The earphones have a cable length of approximately 100cm, providing sufficient reach for comfortable usage.
  • Plug: The earphones feature a 3.5mm standard plug, making them compatible with a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, MP4 players, and more.
  • Chip with Great Sound Quality: The earphones utilize a high-quality audio chip, ensuring excellent sound performance and signal processing.
  • Compatibility: The Stereo Earphones are specifically designed for iPhone models, including iPhone 5, 4G, 3G, iPod, iTouch, iPad, and Nano6. They are also compatible with MP3 and MP4 players.
  • Volume Control Keys & Pause/Play Keys & Mic: The earphones come with built-in volume control keys and pause/play keys that are fully functional with iPhones. Additionally, the earphones have a built-in microphone, allowing users to make calls and interact with voice assistants conveniently.
  • Buy 1 Take 2: The product is offered as a bundle, where purchasing one set provides two pairs of earphones, providing extra value for customers.

These Stereo Earphones for iPhone offer an enjoyable and immersive audio experience with their 6mu bass sound, non-rubber design, and built-in controls. They are a versatile option for users seeking high-quality earphones suitable for various Apple devices and other compatible audio players.


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