Alewa Usb to Lightning Cable

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Product details of Alewa Usb to Lightning Cable

  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over charge protection
  • Over load protection
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Description: The Alewa USB to Lightning Cable is a charging and data transfer cable designed specifically for Apple devices that use a Lightning connector. It provides a reliable and secure connection between your Apple device and a USB power source or computer for charging and syncing purposes.

The cable comes with several protection features to ensure the safety of your connected devices and prevent any potential damage during charging or data transfer. These protection features include:

  1. Over Voltage Protection: This feature safeguards your Apple device from excessive voltage levels that could potentially damage the internal components.
  2. Short Circuit Protection: Short circuit protection prevents damage to your device caused by a short circuit in the cable or connected power source.
  3. Over Charge Protection: Over charge protection ensures that your device does not receive an excessive amount of charge, which can lead to battery damage or reduced battery life.
  4. Over Load Protection: Over load protection protects your device from excessive current or power, preventing any potential harm to the device’s charging circuitry.

These protection features make the Alewa USB to Lightning Cable a safe and reliable option for charging and syncing your Apple devices. It allows you to transfer data and charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod securely without worrying about potential risks or damage.

Overall, the Alewa USB to Lightning Cable is a high-quality accessory that provides efficient and protected charging and data transfer for your Apple devices with Lightning connectors. Its durable design and safety features make it a reliable choice for your everyday charging needs.


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