ALEWA Type C Cable Fast Charging

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Product details of ALEWA Type C Cable Fast Charging

  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over charge protection
  • Over load protection
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The ALEWA Type C Cable Fast Charging is a high-quality charging cable specifically designed for devices with Type-C ports. This cable ensures fast charging for your compatible devices, providing a quick and efficient power delivery experience.

To ensure the safety and protection of your devices during charging, this cable is equipped with multiple protection features:

  1. Over Voltage Protection: This feature safeguards your devices from voltage spikes or surges that could potentially damage the circuitry or components.
  2. Short Circuit Protection: The cable’s design includes measures to prevent short circuits, which could occur due to accidental damage or improper connections.
  3. Over Charge Protection: This protection mechanism prevents overcharging your devices, which can lead to battery degradation and potential safety hazards.
  4. Over Load Protection: The cable is engineered to prevent overloading the connected device, ensuring it receives the appropriate amount of power for safe and efficient charging.

These protection features make the ALEWA Type C Cable Fast Charging a reliable and secure option for charging your Type-C devices. With fast charging capabilities and built-in safeguards, you can confidently charge your devices without worrying about potential damage or safety concerns.


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