ALEWA Data Cable Type B

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Product details of ALEWA Data Cable Type B

  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over charge protection
  • Over load protection
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Description: The ALEWA Data Cable Type B is a mobile accessory offered by the brand Alewa. The data cable is designed to provide a reliable and secure connection between your device and a compatible USB Type B port.

The data cable comes with several protection features to ensure the safety of your connected devices and to prevent any damage during charging or data transfer. These protection features include over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over charge protection, and over load protection. These safeguards help protect your devices from voltage fluctuations, short circuits, overcharging, and excessive load on the cable, providing added peace of mind while using the cable.

The data cable is compatible with devices that have a USB Type B port, such as certain printers, scanners, external hard drives, and other peripherals. It allows you to transfer data between your device and a computer or other compatible devices.

With 100% authenticity and a 6 months brand warranty, you can trust the quality and reliability of the ALEWA Data Cable Type B. It comes with a convenient option for cash on delivery, making it easy and hassle-free to purchase.

Please note that this product has not yet received any ratings or reviews, so you may want to consider this while making your purchase decision. However, you can benefit from the 14 days easy return policy if you encounter any issues with the product.

Overall, the ALEWA Data Cable Type B is a reliable and protected solution for data transfer and charging needs with its compatibility, protection features, and brand warranty.


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