Alewa 10000mah Powerbank PDH1

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Product details of Alewa 10000mah Powerbank PDH1

  • 22.5watt super fast charging(through type c port)
  • with dual link
  • aero plane boardable
  • multiple input interface
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The 22.5Watt Super Fast Charging Powerbank is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs a reliable source of power on-the-go. With its advanced technology, this powerbank can charge your devices in record time through its Type-C port, ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of battery again.

One of the standout features of this powerbank is its Dual Link capability, which allows you to charge two devices at once. This is perfect for those who need to charge their phone and tablet, or any other combination of devices, without having to wait for one to finish charging before starting the next.

Another great feature of this powerbank is that it is Aero Plane Boardable, meaning you can take it with you on your next flight without any issues. This is great for frequent travelers who need to stay connected while in the air.

Finally, this powerbank has Multiple Input Interfaces, which means you can charge it using a variety of different cables and adapters. This ensures that you can always find a way to charge your powerbank, no matter where you are or what type of cable you have on hand.

Overall, the 22.5Watt Super Fast Charging Powerbank with Dual Link, Aero Plane Boardable, and Multiple Input Interfaces is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile source of power on-the-go.


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